Our team

At Distinguished Transport, we enjoy the creative nature of antiques, art, design, intricate technology and specialty fabrication. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their ambitions. Our range of transport services and solutions is continually evolving as we innovate to answer our customers' needs.

Each member of the Distinguished Transport Team strives to deliver our company's motto every day - Building Lasting Relationships through Integrity, Attention to Detail and Service Excellence.

Leadership & training

Distinguished Transport hires exceptional people and we invest in their growth. We have a culture of continuous learning, we provide access to experienced colleagues, and we give you the opportunity to work with intelligent, creative, and entrepreneurial individuals.

Customer service, innovaion and solutions

Our team consistently meets dynamic challenges and develops innovative solutions. Our mission to provide 100% customer satisfaction leads us to consistently improving and finding better, more effective ways of doing things. Our creative clientele inspires us to find creative solutions, new opportunities, and exceed our potential.


At Distinguished Transport, integrity is an essential component of how we work. It's how we conduct ourselves; it's how we do business. As members of a dynamic community, we encourage and foster a culture of open communication while maintaining our client's and our employee's privacy. Throughout all our interactions, we commit to honest, respectful relationships grounded by The Golden Rule.


Our approach to citizenship is to support and assist in some of the challenges of our communities. Distinguished Transport actively participates in local charities and national relief efforts. We enjoy giving back to our communities and reaching out to help our neighbors.‚Äč