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Distinguished Transport is the preferred Round Top on-site shipping company; we are located in the Gulf Warehouse at Marburger Farm and our new warehouse location at 2377 S. State Hwy 237, Round Top, TX  78954

Transport & Shipping 
We offer expert antique and art handling, packing and storage. During the show, we will pick up your items and transport via our trucks or ship to destinations throughout the US, as well as internationally.  Deliveries will be made as soon as possible, typically within one (1) to (4) weeks upon the conclusion of the show.  Through every step of the process, we keep you informed and we keep your high value items under our close control. Our highly trained team can provide expert advice and custom tailored solutions for high value, unusual and challenging pieces requiring white glove transport, shipping or storage.

Storage & Crating​
With state-of-the-art equipment and storage facilities, combined with our team of logistics, engineering and construction specialists, we routinely develop highly effective custom tailored crating and storage solutions.  Our team has custom designed crating and transport solutions for a wide array of antiques, concrete statues, fine artwork, large antique bars, museum pieces, ammunition and antique firearms.

Customer Service Commitment
The ongoing commitment to personalized customer service, unparalleled industry knowledge and innovative solutions are hallmarks of Distinguished Transport’s management team.

Round Top Contact Information

Shipping Contact: Jonathan Higley, Project Mgr.
Show Phone:  678-910-1668
Warehouse:  979-249-3473
Email:  jhigley@distinguishedtransport.com

Business Contact: Derek Seabolt
Business Phone: 678-234-4830 Ext. 3
Business Contact: Jonathan Higley
Business Phone: 678-234-4830 Ext. 2

Location #1:  2377 S. State Hwy 237, Round Top
Location #2:  Gulf Warehouse, Marburger Farm
Show Services: Full service – expert packing & shipping to local, national and international destinations.
Delivery: Deliveries will be made as soon as possible upon the conclusion of the show, typically within one to four weeks.

Payment Terms:  Full payment at time of order or upon delivery 
Payment Accepted:  Cash, check, money order, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS 

Round Top Antique Show
Call for a quote today! (678) 234-4830
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Our dedicated warehouse in Round Top,Texas is your one-stop source for specialty shipping, FedEx, supplies, warehousing, show support and storage services. With our professional crews, on-site location at the Gulf Warehouse and our new state-of-the-art warehouse facility on South State right across from Marburger Farm, we are prepared to assist visitors to Round Top with deliveries anywhere in the continental US.  Our new, secure warehouse compound, with loading dock, is specially designed to accommodate Round Top vendors and visitors.  As experts in the transport and storage of antiques, artwork and fine furnishings, we look forward to working with you again at this great show.
  • Local Moves
  • Distance Moves
  • White Glove
  • Blanket Wrap
  • High-Low Volume
  • Art Placement
  • Installations
  • Chandelier Wiring
  • Showroom Flips
  • Trade Shows
  • Booth Set-ups
  • Booth Design
  • Custom Crating
  • Dynamic Storage
  • Secure Fine Art Storage
  • Custom Storage Solutions
  • Material Finishing & Repair
  • Upholstery, Rug & Fabric Cleaning

PSC #HG501347      DOT #1677206      MC #776106
1190 Logan Circle NW, Atlanta, GA   30318   |   T:  678 234 4830   |    info@distinguishedtransport.com
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New for 2015!  

Our new full service warehouse is ready to serve clients and dealers nationwide at 2377 S. State Hwy 237, Round Top, TX.      Call 979 249.3473. We provide show and dealer services including transport, storage, inventory replenishment, packing and shipping supplies, custom packing & crating, and professional labor services.  We are the only local shipping company with on-site services and a loading dock. Call our project manager, Jonathan: 678 910 1668.

                   We are now a Certified FedEx Service Provider. Distinguished Transport now offers a full array of FedEx                      services at all our locations.  We pick up, pack, insure and track!  Domestic & International.  Ground & Air.